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Our Dietitians


Amber Foster

Amber Foster has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for over 15 years. She has worked in acute care rehab for the past 10 years and prior to that outpatient consulting and long-term care. She has been certified in Adult Weight management and looks forward to assisting clients in meeting their nutritional goals.


Monique Gallant

Monique Gallant is a Registered Dietitian originally from Boston Massachusetts. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in Kinesiology and her graduate degree from Simmons College in Nutrition and Health Promotion. Monique aims to promote health through the balance of all dimensions of well-being, particularly focusing on the areas of nutrition and physical activity. In her spare time, Monique enjoys working out, running, horseback riding, reading, baking and skiing. Fun Fact about Monique - She is also a certified yoga teacher!


David Hall

David Hall is a registered dietitian in the Louisville area. He graduated with his B.A. degree in Biology from the University of Louisville. Before returning to graduate school to pursue his passion in nutrition, he worked in both the mental health and hospitality industries. David completed his M.S. degree in Nutritional Science from the University of Cincinnati and then earned his Didactic Program in Dietetics Certificate. From there he went on to complete his dietetic internship at Western Kentucky University. David is passionate about assisting others in their own journey towards a healthier lifestyle. In his spare time, he enjoys trying international foods, reading a good book, being outdoors, and traveling. 


Jessica Meyer

Jessica Meyer is a Registered Dietitian in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. She
graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelors degree in Dietetics. She has
worked as a Consultant Dietitian primarily for long term care facilities, which has fueled her
passion for working with adult and geriatric patients. She also has experience working in group
homes, which has allowed her to gain experience working with children and taught her the
importance of good nutrition and healthy life style practices throughout all stages of life. In her
spare time, Jessica enjoys working out, traveling, working at a local golf course and trying new
restaurants around town. She is passionate about spreading her knowledge to help better the
nutrition of the clients she serves.

Jaeana Tooson.png

Jaeana Tooson

Jaeana Tooson is an enthusiastic and empathetic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) in the Lexington, KY area. Tooson earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and completed her Supervised Practice Program internship at The University of Kentucky in 2020. She jokes that her entire house is full of RDNs since her husband is also an RDN from The University of Kentucky, and she was pregnant with her first child when she passed her exam to become an RDN. Even as an entry-level RDN, Tooson has taught a variety of demographics and audiences how to enjoy healthy foods, including youth and adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She is passionate about using nutrition to help people along their journey towards living their best quality lives. Tooson enjoys baking, watching cooking shows, taking nature walks and spending time with her growing family.


Karoline Snead

Karoline Snead currently works as a clinical dietitian in Louisville, Kentucky. She earned her BS in Food Science from the University of Tennessee in 2014 and her BS in Dietetics from the University of Memphis in 2016. While living abroad in Spain, she discovered her interest in and passion for nutrition. Acting on that passion, she completed Western Kentucky University’s Dietetic Internship and has enjoyed working several fields including acute rehabilitation, and both long-term and critical care. Karoline loves being the healthy-eating resource for her friends and coworkers and in her free time she enjoys exploring events around the city, cooking with her husband, staying active with her dog, and traveling as much as possible.  


Connie Zimmerman

Connie Zimmerman is a Registered Dietitian in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area.  She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and completed her internship at the Hines Veterans Administration Hospital in Chicago. She has worked in nutrition for over 30 years in a variety of areas which include long term care, acute care, outpatient care and home care. Her approach with clients is learning about their values and then guiding them on making lifestyle changes that will ultimately get them to their goals.  In her free time, Connie enjoys reading, baking, spending time with her two adult daughters and traveling with her husband. 

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